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Sheriff Takes the Stand

Thelton Hall Publishing : Sheriff Takes the Stand

Sheriff Takes the St

Thelton Hall Publishing : Sheriff Takes the Stand

Herman Pierce was sheriff of Ozark County for twenty years, 1965-1985. In retirement, the reminiscences of this exhilarating period in his life - the highs and lows he experienced with "his people," their laughter and tears, their good times and bad - all come together as he retells his story.

"An old man and an old lady had something like seventeen or eighteen kids, and some of them were thieves. Herman was after one of them and a friend of his for stealing a hog and butchering it out. He went to the parents' house and said, 'Leman, I know they used your pickup because the tracks match.' He said, 'What night did you say it was?' 'Saturday night.' He said, 'By God, you're right. They did.' Sure enough, there was blood in the bed of his pickup, and it turned out to be hog blood. Herman arrested the boys, and after they were charged, a preliminary hearing was held. The old man got up there on the witness stand and said, 'No, they didn't use my pickup. My pickup sat at home all night long. I remember well because I stayed up and watched the wrestling on TV.' As he left the witness stand, he came by the sheriff and said, 'Herman, George Washington could not tell a lie. I can, but, by God, I don't like to.'

Hardcover 5-3/4 inches by 6-3/4 inches. 192 Pages