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Victory by Victory Lance: Poet, Philosopher, Private Eye

Victory by Victory Lance: Poet, Philosopher, Private Eye
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Six years in the writing, Victory is the memoirs of Victory Lance, the autobiography of Thomas Robbins, some espousing of liberal views, and much fantasizing. One editorial assistant made the very astute comment that there's definitely something here for everyone - feminists, gays, politicians, generals, evangelists, and non-smoking "live-forever do-gooders." Granted all of the above, the author's noble sense of justice and fair play, together with his great sense of humor, are what make Victory a good read. Working his way from the misty city of Portland, Oregon across the United States, Victory Lance, on the trail of a kidnapper/murderer, is prepared to conform to the advice of Police Inspector Borse, who tells the P.I., "Just be sure he has a cold piece in his hand when you're finished with him." The charismatic detective crosses the States, ventures to the other side of the Atlantic, and capers off to the Orient to steep himself in that culture. Many romantic adventures inure to the benefit of the P.I. in his travels. The woman who pursues Victory the longest and strongest, however, captures Victory in the end. Risking what his editor calls a "fatal flaw" in his work by such a cloyingly-sweet declaration that he is a "happy man," Victory says, "Oh well, you can't tell a damn writer anything." 
Paperback 136 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches