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The Memoirs of George Snyder

The Memoirs of George H. Snyder Jr.

The Memoirs of George H. Snyder Jr.
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Today the average person pulls his or her car into a gas station, positions the nozzle of the pump into the fuel tank, and fills up with gasoline. As the pungent aroma of lead-free gas surfaces from the tank, the automatic shut-off valve kicks in and the flow of gasoline shuts off. Rarely does anyone give any thought as to how this convenience came about. Rarely does anyone know anything about this phenomenon or the story of the man responsible for the fantastic feat, George H. Snyder Jr. Emerging from the wheat fields of Kansas, recalling the misery generated by the Great Depression of the 1930s, doing time in the U.S. Navy defending his country during World War II, and following his father’s counsel and precepts, comes George H. Snyder Jr. (1918-2002). George managed to use inventive talents, promotion and sales abilities, and entrepreneurial skills to build a business proudly boasting in 1991-and continuing into the twenty-first century—"The Sun Never Sets on Snyder Equipment." -----Available in hardcover, 118 pages 8-3/4 inches by 11 -1/4 inches.