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Farewell to Fear

Farewell to Fear

Farewell to Fear
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Farewell to Fear joins the growing number of works regarding the Holocaust. This is a story which will appeal to readers of history, religion, psychology, and sociology. It is a story of triumph of good over evil, of happiness over despair, of humanity over inhumanity. And you will be introduced to the most patient, courageous, beautiful woman of her time, ENA TARRASCH. 

Ena Tarrasch, 51 years a resident of Springfield, Missouri, relates for us the events of her life before coming to this country in 1938. She was born a Jew in Brussels, Belgium and lived in Germany in terror of the Nazi regime. By using her wits, she escaped to America where she married Dr. Ernest Tarrasch, learned to overcome the fears and phobias of her former existence, and became a strong, productive member of our society, able to say, finally, farewell to fear. 

"I remember that I thought many times how different things would have been if I had only myself to consider, not my mother and I. With only myself to consider my life might have been very different. But even then, my course was set. My journey through fear was only beginning." 

Paperback 84 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches